A crypto wallet
We are building a wallet for beginners in the Blockchain space, where they can go from 0 to a real launch experience, in a unique and safe playground.
Blockchain and DeFi tools are intimidating as they are, why complicate it with a kitchen-sink list of features that you don’t need or are going to lock you into someone else’s way doing things.
Check this DAO-licious web3 mockup for our DAO in the Dapp browser.
Simple and reliable
experience that’ll grow

Self Custodial

You manage your private keys and you are not locked into any 3rd party provider. The wallet takes advantage of your device's security features to keep you keys safe.

Hot Wallet

A wallet meant to explore the DeFi land free of unnecessary features and bloat. Perfect for learning and interacting with real decentralized applications.

Fiat and Peg Love

We believe that a useful wallet is the one you can use with everyone around you. So we give special attention to tokens pegged to FIAT and easy P2P transactions.

This wallet mockup is like a behind the scenes, but with even more makeup.

Curated Web3 & Tools

We select and partner with the best app and tools providers to give a great safe starting point to begin your journey into the wild west that is out there, never be locked into CEX.

Always Transparent

This is an open source project both in code and operations. You can check the source code same as you can check the numbers and activities of the team building it.

And the usual features
And this is just
This wallet is part of a much bigger picture where we are integrating real assets and work with decentralized technologies.

By participating in a project that starts from scratch not only you get access to the team and other perks, it gives you unparalleled experience into the inner workings of a crypto project.

Our clock-in app mockup is a timely example for future integrations.
How early?

Join Our Closed Test Group

To give you more security, before releasing our app to the public we are inviting you to join the closed test group in the Google Play Store.

Get Invited

You'll get exclusive access to our app page in the Google Play Store where you can download and install the app. No sideloading or other sorcery required.

Get Airdrop

Apply from the app, do basic KYC if needed, and receive free project tokens to participate and test features available now, and in the future.

We actually have the real thing too, and it’s tap-tastic!
Apply Here

Let us know your basic info and the email you use to access the Playstore in your device.